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Are you committed to the Miss MyMy Philosophy on hair pieces?

Miss MyMy distributors are individuals who are dedicated to providing exceptional hair products to their clients.

The caliber of our distributors has a huge impact on moving the hair industry forward. We have a common value system, goals and bond that weld us together, being committed to the philosophy of great hair.

This is about commitment and Miss MyMy raising the bar on hair available in the industry. We are not a marketing company selling hair pieces solely for profit. Rather we are a small, dynamic company doing something phenomenal. We are innovative, value-based and focused on our customers. Our company is a family devoted to making a difference, having fun and creating opportunities for everyone.

Do you fit the Miss MyMy Distributor Profile?

  • A Miss MyMy distributor is highly organized, motivated and a very hard worker. He/she has immense energy and shares our passion to make Miss MyMy hair pieces the number one selling hair pieces in the world. While we can teach you about our products and how to sell them, you must have an intense passion and drive to succeed along with your belief in the product.
  • Our distributor must be customer service oriented and treat all customers like gold, thereby creating raving fans for Miss MyMy products.
  • Our distributor is clear about their own business objectives and what they want to achieve and gain from selling Miss MyMy products.
  • Our distributor loves hair extensions, wigs etc and possesses good communication skills and is willing to educate their customers about our products. We want people that are determined because we will always face challenges in the hair industry.
  • Our distributors must be team players and be willing to share information and experiences with other distributors. They are ambassadors for Miss MyMy and must set good examples.
  • Our distributors must believe, understand and share the Miss MyMy philosophy and the values that we live by. No matter how great your sales, we don't want a distributor who acts without ethics and integrity. There is no compromise on this issue. Our value system comes into play in all facets of our business, in our products, and through our promises, guarantees, services and training.
  • Our distributor must be open minded, willing and eager to learn and accept and adapt to change.

Distributor Level Definitions:

A level one distributor:

is a registered retail store front or business that is set up to accommodate retail customers during normal business hours, this could be a salon, beauty supply etc. In all cases the business is set up to handle retail customers and may have a large customer base already in existence. This distributor must be regularly involved in the business, financially stable, be prepared to deliver or to arrange delivery to the customers, have adequate storage facilities, maintain inventory levels to meet demands and be willing to educate and expand the Miss MyMy philosophy.

Level 2 Exclusive licensing Agreement :

This level has the same requirements as level 1 with the following additions.

  • Exclusive territory
  • Additional discounts
  • Education and training
  • Signage
  • Sales support and referrals
  • Advertising on our site

Basic Guidelines for Distributors

  1. Application must be fill ed out and returned to Miss MyMy
  2. If approved letter of Intent must be read, understood, signed and returned to Miss MyMy
  3. For those distributors with exclusive territorial rights Miss MyMy management monitors, respects and protects sales efforts and will not tolerate direct infringement in an area already being service by another Miss MyMy distributor.
  4. Based on our philosophy and goals we ask your support to maintain suggested retail prices of course these prices do not include servicing you may provide.
  5. All distributors must comply with any legal or binding regulations within their territory such appropriate business licenses, employee laws and conditions, insurance matters etc
  6. Miss MyMy must be supplied with a list of all retail outlets that you supply
  7. Payment and ordering guidelines must be followed you must carry adequate inventory
  8. Distributors are required to file a monthly sales report that will be provided by Miss MyMy. This is a quick, simple sales report that will take only a short amount of your time. We recognize the value of your time but this sales information will help Miss MyMy management provide necessary sales assistance and support to you and also help you to maintain proper inventory levels of each of the various products you carry.

Helping you build your distributorship:

Miss MyMy believes strongly in the value of an organized, well planned and systemic distribution system. This means that the people we accept as distributors will become our ambassadors and must be prepared to educate others. We are ready and willing to provide the support you require and look forward to working together with you to help you build a profitable and rewarding business. Many tools have been and are continuing to be developed to achieve this goal and we will require your participation and support.

Goal setting:

Miss MyMy sales support team will contact you to follow-up and assist you during this initial period. We are only successful if each of you is successful; hence one our goals are to provide close support as needed by each distributor.

The goals we set together must be clear written, specific and achievable. They should always be accompanied by written plans and schedules to accomplish them. You can then work to this plan on a daily basis for success. Making you our distributor accountable and checking your progress helps both of us. It keeps us well informed and able to assist you especially in the early months.

Miss MyMy management has compiled a set of key performance indicators that allow us to measure performance and track how your business is going. These include monthly sales figures, year to date sales by dollars and packages sold, any compliments or complaints received etc. We will provide these to each distributor on a monthly/yearly basis.

Open communication:

From time to time distributors will be contacted by a member of our customer service team and asked to discuss and report their activities and in particular to let us know what is working well and what is not working. We want great open communication and good working relationships and we will discuss such topics as:

  • Do you get adequate encouragement and help from us?
  • Do you have the right tools to sell Miss MyMy products?
  • Do you understand our values and culture, our products?
  • Are you kept abreast of your sales records?
  • Are we providing referrals/opportunities to you to improve your business?
  • What new products do we need?
  • What complaints do you or your customers have about us or our products?

so you want to be a miss mymy distribtuor:

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