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Fun in the sun |
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Fun in the sun

At last!!!!! the answers to those nagging questions... what if I go away and it is hot and sticky? What if I exercise a lot what will happen to the hair and adhesive? What if I want to go swimming in the sea or chlorinated pool? Will the adhesive remain stuck if I sweat or swim?

These are just some of the concerns some of our clients have voiced so we decided to do what no other company has done and let you judge for yourself. Have you ever gone on vacation wearing your best wig or weave only to find out that as soon as you arrive and the hot humid weather hits your hair it becomes a mass of tangles? Not only can't you wear it out so everyone can see those flowing locks that you have invested in, but you have to avoid water at all cost…not much fun when you are in hot humid weather.

We believe that your wig or weave should behave exactly the same way your natural hair would. The idea is to be the fabulous diva that you are at all times..especially when you are wearing your best bikini. As we always say "keep em guessing.

We thought it would be fun to show our clients exactly how our hair behaves under the toughest of conditions... high humidity, high heat, salt water and chlorine water, all the things that usually spell disaster for a wig or weave.

We sent a representative to the beautiful island of Jamaica... you judge for yourself.

Day one:
Everyone looks good on the first day:

Hair Extensions Day 1

Day Two:
Still looking good…just a little hot:

Hair Extensions Day 2 Hair Extensions Day 2 Hair Extensions Day 2

Day Three:
Half way and still looking great:

Hair Extensions Day 3 Hair Extensions Day 3 Hair Extensions Day 3

Day Four:
If it isn't the heat and the salt water then it's the wind...
That's enough to doom any hair piece... but not Miss MyMy... still going strong:

Hair Extensions Day 4 Hair Extensions Day 4 Hair Extensions Day 4

Day Five:
Just doing a little snorkeling... yes we said snorkeling. That means submerged under salt water... an absolute no no for most hair but not Miss MyMy... just look at this hair during dinner that night:

Hair Extensions Day 5 Hair Extensions Day 5 Hair Extensions Day 5

Words from the rep:
During this vacation I did not reapply the adhesive on the lace wig. These pictures were taken starting May 16… as of May 31 I am still wearing the same wig without having reapplied the adhesive... how's that for staying power?

Can you wear your hair in cornrows?
OK... for all those people who called with questions such as …. Can you really wear your lace wig in corn rows... here is the proof.

The following pics were taken in bright daylight on a beach... as you all know you can't hide much in bright daylight.
We wanted to make sure you understand that this is a real picture so the second and third images are closeups of the cornrows shown in the first image

The above full lace wig is parted down the middle and is being worn in two pony tails with corn rows in the front.
Hair used: Virgin Cuticle
Length: 26"
Density: Light to Medium
Lace color: Brown

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