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Throwback Thursday...From Sept 16 2010 has it really been that long???

June 22, 2017 Miss MyMy

Skin Weft Skin Weft with adhesive is perfect for those who love the Hot Heads application method but want organic hair. Each hair is hand tied on a 3/8' lace base. Silicone is then applied to each piece. Our hair is available in lengths from 12” to 26” and longer by special order. Miss MyMy Skin Weft is a cold bond method so it does not require heat. Application is by double sided tape. They are available in single pieces (22 per pack) pre bonded, or in lengths of 1 meter with or without double sided tape.Miss MyMy Skin Wefts are...

Asian Hair gets a bad rep

June 13, 2017 Miss MyMy

Asian Hair Gets a Bad Rep... Asia is the worlds largest and most populous continent, having a population of almost 4 billion people. To put this number into perspective the population of the USA is just over 300 million. Contrary to what most people think Asia is not simply China. Asia is made up of a number of regions and people, China simply being one of them.Everything shown in green is considered Asia; please note Russia is also considered part of Asia. The misconception out there is that Asian hair is the worst hair on the market, have you heard...

Embrace Curly Hair The Good The Bad And The Ugly

June 09, 2017 Miss MyMy

Embrace Curly Hair The Good The Bad And The Ugly

 Curly hair is one of the most difficult hair types. That's why there are so many companies and products specialising in curly hair out there...our hair is no different. If you did not grow up learning how to care for your curly hair or grew up relaxing your curly hair straight in order to avoid dealing with it familiarise and educate yourself for your curly hair journey. It may be a little difficult accepting that curly hair is never perfect..embrace it..that's one of the great things about curly hair. It may be one way in the front...and completely different at the...

Throw back Thursdays...It's All About Red

June 08, 2017 Miss MyMy

Throw back Thursdays...It's All About  Red

A Little Or A Lot...It's' All Possible With Miss MyMy We think red heads have more fun.... at least that's what our red head beauties tell us.This color required a great deal of time and expertise, since the hair had been bleached for a very long time. We wanted the end result to be very  subdued.       Custom clip hair extensions Fijian LooseQuite the opposite of this striking red...we LOVE IT but then again WE LOVE THEM ALL.                        MyMy Glueless Wig Cap Although very different both colors brought out...

Different Grades (Qualitiy) of hair Extensions And Wigs

June 07, 2017 Miss MyMy

Different Grades (Qualitiy)  of hair Extensions And Wigs

We often get calls from people wanting to know what the difference is between our hair and other brands. There is a lot of confusion out there surrounding hair and the different quality of hair so we though this blog posting would be great to help people understand what they are buying and decide what is the best value for them. Low quality human hair:The hair is not cut hair, it's fallen hair so the cuticle of the hair can be mixed upThe hair is removed from the head and allowed to fall to the floor, allowing  the roots and ends...