Is It Shedding Or s It Breaking

October 30, 2015 Miss MyMy

Miss MyMy knows it isn't always's usually breaking.

How to tell the difference is easy.


  • Your finding long hairs everywhere. There is a long side and a short side separated by a little bend where the hair as knotted onto the wig.
  • Hair loss started as soon as you started to wear the unit
  • Hair loss is throughout the wig

Cause: Poor manufacturing


  • Your are finding long hairs and short hairs everywhere. 
  • Hair loss started approximately 6 weeks after you started to wear the unit'
  • Hair loss is in specific areas so you start to see bald spots

Cause: Poor care ( not washing/conditioning  the unit enough or using incorrect products)

Check out the following Miss MyMy video to hear more


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