Asian Hair gets a bad rep

June 12, 2017 Miss MyMy

Asian Hair Gets a Bad Rep...

Asia is the worlds largest and most populous continent, having a population of almost 4 billion people. To put this number into perspective the population of the USA is just over 300 million.
Contrary to what most people think Asia is not simply China. Asia is made up of a number of regions and people, China simply being one of them.

Everything shown in green is considered Asia; please note Russia is also considered part of Asia.
The misconception out there is that Asian hair is the worst hair on the market, have you heard or read the following anywhere?
-Asian hair is stick straight
-Asian hair is always very coarse
-Asian hair is very dark (black in color)
-Asian hair will only look good if worn by an Asian person
-Asian hair will not last

As with any product there is good and bad and Asian hair is no different… so yes over processed Asian hair is bad but so is over processed European hair and we won’t mention Indian since we have established that India is also considered part of Asia.

There is a wide variety of Asian hair on the market with origins from Malaysia to Mongolia and Russia. Some Asian hair is very straight others are very wavy; some can be very fine while others can be coarse, some is very dark and yet others are light in color, it all depends on where it came from. Because of its population and diversity Asia is an excellent source of human hair so when trying to decide what type of hair to purchase make sure you understand what you want and why you want it.

I can wear any hair I want but I like to wear my hair straight with some body so I choose to wear virgin Asian hair from Malaysia, the color is dark brown-natural black and the texture is slightly coarse which looks like perm straight without having any chemicals. It can also be silkier at times. The hair has good weight so it tends to sit where I put it. It does not accumulate a static charge,  holds a curl very well, and is reusable lasting for years, this equals great value for your money.

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