Balayage and Miss MyMy Virgin Hair

July 19, 2017 Miss MyMy

In it's virgin state Miss MyMy Hair can be very dark. Which means when lightening it holds a lot of red tones. When we were contacted by a client and asked to go from this

we accept the challenge...and just to make it that much harder the client wanted no red tones, meaning ash brown and ash blonde. So we rolled up our sleeves and jumped in.

We decided the easiest way to achieve the desired look was by using a reverse balayage.

3 bundles of Miss MyMy hand tied medium curl hair was first bleached to level 9 using 20% with no heat. It was first lifted to level 5 then washed, treated and allowed to air dry and rest before further lifting to level orange or red in site. 

Wella ash brown was then deposited with a balayage technique throughout the hair followed by toning all 3 bundles and voila....nothing to it lol 

on the left: what she wanted. On the right; what we did 

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