Easy Shrinkies Hair Extension Method

May 29, 2017 Miss MyMy

 Easy Shrinkies

Shrinkies use a strand by strand hair extension method. They are Keratin lined tubes that shrink when heat is applied. The difference between Easy Shrinkies and regular shrinkies is the loop. With Easy Shrinkies the loop is attached to the tube. Sometimes the shrinkie are separate and you have to purchase the looper separately. With each section of hair the looper must be relooped which takes additional time. Since our looper is attached one step can be eliminated.

How They're Used
  • Natural hair is pulled through the tube using the looper
  • Once the natural hair is through I tipped hair is inserted into the tube
  • Use your fusion heating tool to heat the tube which will shrinks down to protect the bond once heat is applied. If you don’t have a fusion heating tool you can use your flat iron.
  • Roll the tube between your fingers to ensure a solid bond without air bubbles.
  • Also really great for sealing micro braids.

    To Remove Shrinkies
  • Reheat the tube which will simply slide off the natural hair.

    Advantages To Easy Shrinkie
  • No damage to your hair
  • The hair is reusable
  • Fast installation time
  • No slippage



What do you think? would you do this application method?

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