Every year is the year of the curl

August 30, 2017 Miss MyMy

Maya wearing Miss MyMy Tight Curl Fijian hair
Every year is  the year of the curl.  I've been frequently wearing a tight curl , and I have started to notice that quite a few of my clients have opted to go the same route.  We even have one client currently rocking a 28' Tight curl full-lace wig, and loving every minute of it!  She called to give us some feedback, and said that she's receiving many compliments on her new hair, as well as several assumptions that it's her natural born hair.  Hey, you know how I feel about that - if it's on my head, and I have the receipt to prove it, it's MY hair!

I think a lot of people are at first intimidated by the tight curl, because there is a bit more maintenance and product use involved.  I think that once you get the hang of it, you'll find that it's a lot easier to style than you thought.  The payoff is, a very unique fashion-forward look. 

Back view

If you find, after getting your tight curl, that the curl is a bit too tight for you too manage, you still have the option of applying a texturizer to the hair to loosen and smooth the curls.  I've done it to my own 28' tight curl, and it now behaves a whole lot better.  I would recommend that you have this professionally done.  You won't be too happy if you over-process the hair, and end up with stringy ends :-(

Beyoncé wearing curly hair


It's important to keep your curls clean and moisturized.  Miss MyMy Shampoo and Conditioner is specially formulated to clean, but not dry out your hair.  Using an anti-frizz, curl defining product is also important.  It helps to tame your curls and keep the frizz to a minimum.  We're currently working on formulating our own curly hair products, so I'll keep you posted on that!

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