Good Hair worth its weight in gold

June 05, 2017 Miss MyMy

Good Hair is Worth its Weight in Gold...

Good human hair is becoming more and more rare and hard to find. Most human hair on the market originates from China and India. These countries have not only the population to accommodate supply and demand, but they also grow their hair to long lengths, or at least they use to, this enables hair companies to source from these countries while keeping costs down.

Recently the Industrialisation of these countries has caused a reduction in the amount of hair available on the market... causing the price to rise. In addition to this the labour cost in these countries is also rising, compounded with the high cost of fuel and high USD equals higher pricing.

The retail customer may not immediately make the correlation between the above factors and how they affect the cost, especially in a natural product such as hair.

When customers perceive a high cost for long lengths of hair we explain that our raw hair is not mechanically produced... Think of how long it takes you to grow 1 inch of hair, then consider how long it took someone to grow 22,24,26 inches of hair. Much of the time this puts things into perspective.

We warn customers about purchasing hair based on price alone, and encourage them to research its purity if they encounter a price that appears too good to be true... it usually is.

Miss MyMy Inc will only use the finest human hair available, combined with the finest skilled workmanship available to process the hair. Quality control, customer service and the best materials are the three things that contribute to our success.

To date Miss MyMy Inc has not introduced an increase in the cost of its products to its customers in response to the changing market. Instead we have opted to reduce our operating costs by offering private services at  our Pop Up Shops. and limit sales to our online  boutique

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