Throwback Thursday From Oct 2010: Hand tied vs Machine tied

June 28, 2017 Miss MyMy

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hand Tied and Machine Tied Wefts Explained

In the past little while we have received many questions regarding hand tied weft compared to machine tied weft so here is the comparison:
Hand tied wefts are exactly what it sounds like; hand tied. Trust me, it takes forever to do.  I've done it. :-(
The weft is ultra thin and pre cut into measurements of about 10 to 12 inches,  so you need not, and SHOULD not cut the weft.  If the weft is too long,  all you need to do is fold it back on itself. It is so thin that even when you fold it back it's still thinner than a machine tied weft. 
If it isn't wide enough to go from one end of the clients head to the other simply over lap the weave.
This type of weft will NEVER shed which is one of the concerns people have when wearing hair.
Hand tied hair.
Machine tied is made with a sewing machine that is able to sew the hair into a weft. This weft is one continuous weft which looks similar to the surged seam on the inside of your clothing. Depending on the machine that is used the weft could be very secure or not so secure; as is commonplace with lower-end hair. Before using, we recommend checking your weft by pulling the hair downward to see if you are losing any hair.  If you find you are losing hair,  you can reinforce the weft with a regular sewing machine.  I know some of you are very handy!
When putting in a machine tied weft, you will need to cut the weft to the length that is needed. Any time you cut the weft, however, you introduce an area where the hair can come out. If you don't do something to reinforce the cut ends, the thread can unravel. We suggest either gluing the ends in order to prevent that or sewing the ends to avoid hair loss. If you don't do the above you may experience hair loss because each cut end will lose hair giving the appearance that the complete weft is shedding.
We prefer hand tied and mainly sell hand tied but it's a personal preference.
Hope this helps
MyMy  ;-)

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