Lets Go Co-Wash

June 06, 2017 Miss MyMy

Co-washing is short for “conditioner-only washing.” It means no shampoo and washing with conditioner, whether you're a daily or a weekly washer. The result is something between squeaky-clean and second-day hair—that is, smoother, softer, and easier to manage.

Lets Go Co-Wash

Eliminating shampoo requires adjustments to how you rinse and condition your hair. Here are step-by-step directions for a smooth transition.

1. Fully saturate your hair with water, not simply sprayed with a spray bottle, this will ensure the cuticle opens and the debris has loosened making it easier to rinse out eventually. This also helps distribute the product evenly throughout the hair.

2. Squeeze out a good amount of conditioner and we do mean good not scrimp. All strands must be completely coated from root to tip. We suggest filling the your cupped hand. This may seem like a lot, but don’t forget that you’re cleansing, not just conditioning.

3. Massage Miss MyMy conditioner into the scalp and distribute evenly through the ends. “This will help break down oils and any residue left over from styling products, this is also the case if you are co-washing your wig. Make sure to get the roots of your wig especially at the crown and area that people often forget. Then allow the conditioner to be absorbed for three to five minutes. This is the time I continue with  the rest of my shower. If your hair is particularly dry or damaged, leave it in longer. “It will act like a mask,” . Now rinse, dry, and style as usual. If you will be wearing your hair curly allow it to dry up in an old T shirt.

4. Use a clarifying shampoo once every two to four weeks. Buildup—from sweat, products, or conditioner which will happen, regardless of whether you shampoo or co-wash. Experiment with how frequently you need to clarify your hair. In general, a once-a-month or twice-a-month wash will cure excessive  dullness due to build up without drying. If your hair still feels weighed down after biweekly clarifying, alternate as needed between co-washing and shampooing. This should yield the benefits of co-washing but with more volume. Clarifying strips buildup from the hair so too much will cause excessive dryness.


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