Throw Back Thursdays: Taking care of your unit with frequent washing is always a good idea

June 22, 2017 Miss MyMy

What Happens When You Take Care Of Your Unit???

It will last a lifetime.

The following client bought a closure from Miss MyMy in 2009...Yes I said 2009. She had it colored to her natural hair color which is a very very light ash blond.

The closure she purchased was made from  Malaysian Straight hair which has a very dark natural color.

This client winters in Florida so her hair is exposed to a great deal of sunshine...damn that sunshine

Below we see the before pictures, originally taken in 2009.

in 2011 she came in  asking us if we could tone her hair  as it was getting a bit gold...after 2 hair loss at all and she has worn this hair every day, all day for 2 years. It is now her hair.

When asked what she did to make it last so long without any hair loss. she said she washes often with Miss shampoo and conditioner, uses Miss MyMy serum and makes sure to treat it every 2 weeks. If your hair care regime does not look like that ,you're not doing it right.

This is a picture of the closure taken prior to coloring  Sept  2011

The pictures speak for themselves.
Update: In 2013 Client returned to purchase a new unit,,,she was still wearing the above unit. She is still wearing the 2013 unit.

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