Permanently Straighten Naturally Curly Hair With Heat

July 13, 2017 Miss MyMy

If you have naturally curly hair you know that if you blow dry, flat iron it regularly it will eventually end up straight or at least straighter than it was.

I personally have naturally curly hair and after leaving out the top of my hair for a few weeks while I was wearing a U part wig. I was left with bone straight hair ...and I mean bone going's a permanent affair..:..Just have to let it grow out..oh well..:-(.

Same applies to your MyMy hair. If you want to alter the curl pattern  in terms of loosening the curl, without using chemicals, simply blow dry and  flat iron on high for a couple of weeks. Check the curl pattern, and when you are happy stop applying the heat...That's it...simple Huh?

Disclaimer. This will only work on real hair. It doesn't work on synthetic or mixed fiber hair. 

Your curly hair will go permanently straight with heat

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