Clip On Hair Extensions

Virgin Organic Clip On Fijian Curly Hair Extensions

Remi Cuticle Virgin organic Clip On naturally  Curly Hair Extensions - Miss MyMy medium curl

Miss MyMy clip on hair extensions are perfect for those who prefer a less permanent extension method.  We use 1" sturdy clips that are easy to use and do not set off the airport sensors.

Each bundle is made up of 4 rows of extensions, measured for great fit and coverage. If you like fuller hair order as many bundles as you need

Each piece fits the following area:

  • 1. Temple to temple
  • 2. 1" below the temple from one side of the head to the other
  • 3. Ear to ear
  • 4. Nape (this is the neck area)

As always our hair:

  • Can be colored to any color
  • Is sold in package of 3.5 ozs
  • 2 packs are usually required for a full head. depending if you need fullness, length or both.
  • Available in 3 natural curl patterns
  • Natural Dark colors only ( the client cannot choose the color)
  • Can use heat from blow drier or flat iron up to 450 degrees


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