Virgin Organic Remi Cuticle Curly Fijian Closure

Virgin organic remi cuticle hair Closure 4x4 colored - Miss MyMy
Miss MyMy Closures are made from our naturally human virgin organic remi cuticle curly hair. Perfect for the lady experiencing hair loss at the crown or top of her head.  She has fullness at the sides and back so only needs a little something extra at the top. Also great fro clients who are wearing their hair in a weave but don't want to leave any of her hair out at the top.
  • Like our wigs, our closures and are all hand made with our signature virgin organic hair. Each hair is hand tied to the lace for very natural look so movement will be the same as if it were growing from your head.
  • Hair has a natural shine and sheen.
  • Our Closures can be sewn or clipped on depending on your preference.
  • As with all our products our closure are sold in natural dark colors only
  • The hair length of the closure is 14. Since it is the top of your head long lengths are not necessary.
  • Completely reusable with a nice natural density
  • Swiss or French Lace
  • Available in natural dark color only ( The client cannot choose a color)
  • production time is 4 weeks