Virgin Organic Remi Cuticle Natural Grey Hair Wigs

Virgin Organic Remi Cuticle Grey Hair Wigs - Miss MyMy

Miss MyMy virgin organic remi organic grey hair  wigs are completely hand tied using natural organic grey hair. They can be used for those who want golden or ash blonde hair without the color process, and for those who prefer natural grey hair.you decide how much grey you want in your unit. We work to customise your needs Each hair is folded and hand tied onto the wig, one hair at a time, which will create some short hairs, which looks more natural since hair that is all one length does not exist in nature.The length of the hair is an overall measurement taken from the root to the end of all visible hairs. 

These wig cap can be worn:

  • Without glue or tape which will allow the wearer to tighten the wig at the back in order to hold it on the head. Worn in this way the wig can be removed daily.
  • Can also be worn partially adhered (using tape only) from ear to ear or temple to temple. 
  • Can also be worn adhered (with tape only) completely around the circumference of the head in order to wear the hair up in a high ponytail.
  • 4x4 silk top included in all wigs
  • Available in small medium and large as well as custom (requires measurements)
  • Production time 4- 6 weeks
  • Available up to 20"
  • Specify your color preference at the end of your order (light, silver, salt & pepper). We will try to match as closely as possile.
  • Can be colored