Virgin Organic Hair Extensions (Wefted Curly And Straight)

Miss MyMy Carries 2 types of hair for your convenience. Virgin Organic ( hair that has not been chemically processed and will last for years), and AAAA  Remy Cuticle hair, which has been processed and will last up to a year.

Virgin Organic has not been chemically processed. It is taken from the donor, cleaned sterilized and used for our extensions and wigs. The hair is taken by  sectioning the hair on the donors scalp into 4 ponytails. Those ponytails are then cut from the head.   The hair is never allowed to fall so there is no way for the cuticle to get mixed up.

Once cut the hair is cleaned and sterilized the very shortest hairs (2"-4") are removed This is called drawing out the hair.. All Miss MyMy hair extensions are  single draw which means the length of each bundle is made up of several different lengths of hair. Double drawn hair is used to construct our wigs. this means the hair is drawn out so that all hairs are the same length.

This is the highest quality of hair and will last years if you take care of it.