Curly Hair Issues

 Curly hair is one of the most difficult hair types. That's why there are so many companies and products specialising in curly hair out there...our hair is no different. If you did not grow up learning how to care for your curly hair or grew up relaxing your curly hair straight in order to avoid dealing with it familiarise and educate yourself for your curly hair journey. It may be a little difficult accepting that curly hair is never perfect..embrace it..that's one of the great things about curly hair. It may be one way in the front...and completely different at the back or sides. It may be one way at the root, and completely different at the ends. It may be perfect on a Wednesday and frizzy on a's the nature of the beast..and what a wonderful beast it is.

The following are some suggestions that can help you tame the beast.

Your best curls will be the day after co wash day once the cuticle has completely closed and your curl is locked it. At this time to can touch the hair more. Just know that the more you separate the curls the bigger the hair will appear. The further away from wash day the less curly your hair will appear. 

If you are swimming in chlorine and or salt water wash your hair after getting out of the water. comb through your hair..yes we said comb..this ensures you remove all tangles created while swimming. Apply serum and allow to air dry.

Avoid heavy product, especially petroleum based products which will build up on the hair and drag down your curls.Your hair will tell you what it wants and needs.

If you have put something on the hair which has built up and caused it to tangle wash the hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove whatever it is followed by deep conditioning.

For long lengths that you want to look curlier, allow the hair to dry up wrapped in an old T shirt. The weight of the hair will pull it down causing your curls to be elongated so if you are looking for a curlier look you must do the above.

Do NOT manipulate the hair while it is drying. Until the hair is completely dry the curl pattern has not been locked in. if you run your fingers through or touch it constantly you are changing the curl slightly while it is drying which will result in a frizzy half straight looking be patient and DON"T TOUCH.

DO NOT rush dry the hair. If possible allow the hair to air dry..your curls will be much prettier. If you rush dry the hair it will look frizzier for some of the reasons listed above.

 Last but certainly not least, curly hair is naturally drier and duller than straight hair. This hair appears duller because the curl actually breaks up the light hitting the hair making it appear duller. Trying to put on a lot of products to change this is a loosing battle. You will have to do additional deep conditioning and co washing  on your hair because it is naturally drier..that's it full prepared...if you don't want to do that work you should choose straight of loose curl hair. 

 Embrace the Curl!!!