What is the Miss MyMy guarantee?

Miss MyMy guarantees all our Organic hair extensions not to exhibit unusual tangling, matting or shedding; if applied by a certified Miss MyMy extensionist, Miss MyMy products are being used and the hair care instructions are followed.

All Miss MyMy hair is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. If the hair exhibits any unusual tangling and/or matting within 2 weeks from the date that you receive your hair please contact us. You will be asked to send back ALL of the problem hair for replacement, you will be responsible for all shipping costs. Please contact customer service for complete directions for returning goods to us. This guarantee is not valid for those clients who are not happy with their color choice, who would simply like another curl or texture, those who choose not to use Miss MyMy hair care products, clients that chemically process the hair or clients that have not followed the hair care instructions. This guarantee does not cover the loss of hair on wefts that have been cut, where a brush has been used or wigs after 2 weeks of usage. DUE TO THE PERSONAL NATURE OF THE PRODUCT WE WILL NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY HAIR LOSS ON WIGS AFTER 2 WEEKS OF USAGE OR EXTENSIONS WHERE CLIENTS HAVE NOT FOLLOWED THE HAIR CARE INSTRUCTIONS WHICH ARE CLEARLY AVAILABLE ON OUR SITE. This guarantee states that the quality of whatever hair it is you choose will be of the highest quality available on the market. The guarantee is null and void if the hair is chemically processed or hair care instructions have not been followed. Please see our return policy for more information. www.missmymy.com/customer-service "WE GUARANTEE IT"

Can I color this hair?

Miss MyMy hair is of the highest quality human hair. You can do anything that you would do with your own hair to this hair with confidence. Please expect the same result as if you would expect if you were working on the hair growing from you head.

I received my tight curl wig and the hair is more coarse than I wanted what d I do?

Those with naturally curly hair know that there is often variances in the curl pattern in various places on their head. Our hair is natural which means there can be variances from bundle to bundle or even slight variances in the same bundle therefore we cannot guarantee any curl pattern. what we do guarantee is the hair you purchase will be virgin organic hair. Since our hair is natural it will respond the same way the hair growing from your head would respond so you can do exactly what you could do for our own hair which is

1. relax it

2 Texturize it

3. low dry and flat iron it a few times. Prolonged heat on curly hair will cause it to straighten.

4. The act of coloring it will cause it to straighten sligtly.

How long will it last for?

How long it last will depend on how you care for it, we have customers who have been using the same hair for over 1 year but the average depending on the hair used is 8-10 mths. Since this is real hair it will exhibit all the things the hair growing from you head will exhibit if not cared for properly ie breakage, dryness, swelling etc

What is the difference between Fijian hair and Malaysian hair?

Fijian hair is curlier than Malaysian hair which is slightly more dense and straight. Malaysian has more weight so is less likely to frizz.

What is remi cuticle hair?

Real Remi cuticle hair is the highest-grade human hair available and comes form one individual. The hair is sectioned and allowed to fall into its natural growing pattern. The hair is then cut and carefully sewn to maintain the natural cuticle direction so matting and tangling are virtually eliminated.

What is European hair?

Our European hair is sourced from Russia and western Europe. It is usually slightly wavy and is generally available in lighter colors, although these are harder to come by. This hair is finer in texture and usually more costly because of the difficulty in sourcing it.

What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is Remi Cuticle hair that has not been chemically processed in any way other than cleaning and sterilizing.

What is single drawn hair?

Every hair piece looks like a ponytail made of different lengths of hair. The very short hairs have been removed. For example : a hair piece of 20 inches of Remi quality and single drawn has hair lengths of 14", 16", 18", 20". This is the most natural type of hair for extensions because it mimics the natural growth pattern of the hair growing from our head which is NEVER all one length.

What is double drawn hair?

Every hair piece (extensions) contain only hair of the same length. This makes this type of hair piece also the most expensive one as this procedure is done by hand, not by machine. For example: a hair piece of 20 inches of remi quality and double drawn has hair lengths of 20" only. It contains no hair shorter than that. This is the type of hair that is used for wigs. Once the hair is ventillated onto some hairs will be shorter than others which is why out hair is sold in a range of length.

What is machine tied weft?

M/C made weft is the typical weft we see. The hair is secured by machine on one long continuous weft.

What is hand tied weft?

The weft is secured by hand a few hairs at a time. It is micro thin, nearly invisible and comes in pre-cut lengths of 10". This type of weft is more delicate than machine tied weft. A Brush should Never be used when using hand tied weft because the brush can catch on the hair, pulling them and eventually causing damage which will result is hair loss.

Can orders be made online?

Our site has full E commerce capabilities.

How long does it take for delivery?

It depends on the type of order you are making. Wholesale orders will be confirmed at the time of the order. Custom hairpieces require 4-6 weeks. Most in stock items are shipped immediately.

What are the payment options?

Full payment is required at the time of order confirmation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept certified check, cash, Wire transfer, MasterCard, Visa and Debit, Western Union. Email money transfer

What is your return policy?

Miss MyMy will be happy to exchange any product that was incorrectly shipped.

What method of delivery do you use?

Miss MyMy uses, FED EX, Canada Poste

What is the cost of delivery?

The cost of delivery is dependent on the order and will be confirmed with the client prior to shipping.

Do you have volume pricing?

There is a minimum of 10 pieces per color per style on wholesale orders of hair extensions.

What currency are your products?

This depends on the location where the order is initiated. The currency could be USD.

Can your products be used during pregnancy?

All products are specially formulated for skin so they should not be a problem but if you have any questions or concerns please visit your health care provider prior to purchasing.

My online status says pending, why is that?

All international orders will show up as pending until they can be manually verified with the issuing back. This can require a couple of days depending on where the order originated. After verification the status of the order will be change.
I don't have a credit card and would like to order from you.

No problem you can send an email transfer or please call us directly for Western Union directions and details 416 849 5492.

I purchased straight hair but I would like it ti look more coarse.

The presence of a curl in hair breaks the light that hits the hair and causing it too look duller. If you are looking for hair that is duller with an appearance of less shine with body we suggest loose curl.

We cannot guarantee the texture of the hair. We CAN guarantee the hair will be virgin organic hair. 

The color of the hair I received is lighter than I wanted what do I do?

Because we do not sell chemically processed hair we cannot guarantee the color of your hair. If you find the hair is too light you can color it with temporary rinses, semi permanent color of permanent color. This would be the same color you would use on the hair growing from your head following the manufacturer directions.

How can I maintain my curl?

Curly hair is not the easiest hair, weather it is growing from our heads or weather we purchase it. Knowing what type of hair you have and what to expect from it helps This is why there are so many companies specialising in curly products or service etc. What may work for one curly person may not work for another.

We suggest:

Avoid products especially heavy petroleum based products which will build up on the hair.

If you have put something on the hair which has built up and caused it to tangle wash the hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove whatever it is followed by deep conditioning.

For long lengths, allow the hair to dry up wrapped in an old T shirt. The weight of the hair will pull it down causing your curls to be elongated so if you are looking for a curlier look you must do the above.

Do NOT manipulate the hair while it is drying. Until the hair is completely dry the curl pattern has not been locked in. if you run your fingers through or touch it constantly you are changing the curl slightly while it is drying which will result in a frizzy half straight looking mess...so be patient and DON"T TOUCH.

DO NOT rush dry the hair. If possible allow the hair to air dry..your curls will be much prettier. If you rush dry the hair it will look frizzier for some of the reasons listed above.