Miss MyMy Testimonials

Here's what some of our clients have to say.

We respect our clients privacy so if you don't see their full name or any images it's because they don't want us to.

Wanda wrote

Uses Straight

 I am still so impressed with how much you care about your company and its customers, and I really enjoy our time when you  are working on my hair. It's nice to know there are still people out there who care about doing the right thing and doing a great job. I love your products and the way you run your business, I'll make sure to send all of my friends. 

D wrote

Uses Loose curl

Love the hair!!

Never tangles, easy to style and blends beautifully with my natural hair. People compliment me everyday on my hair..simply the best, so glad I found you.

Marlene Wrote

Uses Loose curl

I normally don't write testimonial but I had to for this hair. I've had  this hair for 3 years now and it is still looking like the first day I bought it. I can wash it and style it WITH HEAT without the hair looking like its dried out like other hair I have tried in the past. The weft is strong and there is no shedding. No smell and no bugs when it arrived. I would highly recommend this hair. it is definitely worth every penny.

Keeli Wrote

Uses Straight and medium Curl extensions and Wigs

L Love Miss MyMy hair Extensions and Wigs. I've been using mine for 3 years now and haven't found anything else like it. This hair always fits in with any environment which is important because I travel a lot for fun ans business. I love how natural it feels and looks on my head. MyMy wigs are light weight and makes me feel like its part of me...if you know what I mean. the hair extensions are top grade. Th

Thanks Miss MyMy

Rhonda wrote

Uses Tight Curl tracks 

I first bought hair from Miss MyMy 10 years ago after being frustrated by the poor quality of hair out there. This hair is amazing! Its soft , NEVER SHEDS and NEVER TANGLES, ever! I've since purchased hair extensions and wigs 5 times over the years. All the hair, including the hair I purchased 10 years ago is still in excellent condition. I can't say enough good things about the quality of this hair and the integrity of this company.

Carlene Wrote

Uses all types of Miss MyMy Hair

I have been using Miss MyMy hair for over 13 years and never looked back. It;s this best hair ever, no tangling, U could bleach it and it won't get dry or trashy. I just love this hair so much. I recommend everyone to invest in this quality hair. I have people stopping me on the street and asking what kind of hair is this because it blends so well with your real hair.

Miss MyMy Virgin Organic Hair Testimonial

K Wrote (after sending an unexpected tip in the mail)

K Uses a 9"x9" closure for hair loss

I wanted you to know you have such an important and wonderful product and service and I'm so glad I found you. Thank you Maya!.

G wrote

A stylist who has used all length, textures and applications of Miss MyMy hair for the past 13+ yrs

I love Miss MyMy hair because it has movement, bounce and durability. You can color or perm the hair and it keeps the integrity. 

The great customer service is a bonus.

S wrote

Uses Medium curl Hair

I would consider myself a challenging customer, as I am demanding or quality, style and ensuring my time is used effectively. dealing with Miss MyMy for the past 5 years has been a pleasure. She has a great selection of high quality products but most importantly I rely on her guidance for a trendy and flattering loo. Other examples of her professionalism include that she proactively reaches out to book appointments, she is incredibly flexible and accommodating, and she is always on time. Lastly., I am always entertained by Maya's witty conversation- it makes our time fun


Uses Curly Hair

My name is Claudette and I have been using Miss MyMYy's hair for a year.  
Miss MyMy has been the best investment I have made to buy hair.  The hair never tangles; I am not afraid to be caught out in the rain because nothing happens to the hair, it gets wet and will dry just as curly and natural as before.
I would recommend this hair to all ladies who weave their hair; Miss MyMy's hair is 100 percent natural curly easy to maintain hair which does not tangle, sheds, looses its sheen or looks fake within three months.
You can do any style you want to the hair, dye it, blow dry it, curl it, whatever your hearts desire can be done with Miss MyMy's hair and it will always maintain its natural beauty and flow in the wind.
Ladies look at me in the stores all the time and wonder if it is my hair, but you know our ladies of colour, they would never ask me.  It is my hair; that being said, you must have an awesome hairdresser who can weave it unto your head flawlessly and I do, Kersha Pryce is the best there is and she recommended me to Miss MyMy's hair. 
I will be adding to my collection of Miss MyMy hair this fall when I change style and the original will still be there resting until its next go around on my head.
Uses Straight Hair
I have been one of Miss MyMy's clients for about 7 years and I an awe of her customer service and product quality. I have had alopecia Areta since I was 13 and was having trouble adjusting to my hair loss. A friend referred me to Miss MyMy a few years later and meeting her has been one of the best decisions I could have made.Each time I request a new unit  Maya is always responsive and ready to place an order when I need it. I moved away for University and I was originally scared but with my new unit I have been able to be 100% myself, take on new challenges, graduate from an amazing university and work on my career. I am now 25 years old and living my life to the fullest. Maya is not only a great resource but she is a friend and I am lucky to have her in my life.
Uses curly and straight hair
I am a satisfied customer of Miss MyMy for the past 3 years
Uses Straight Hair
Before Miss MyMy I went through a number of different brands of hair and I always had the same problem-they shed, they tangled and were useless after just a few weeks of use. And then I started using Miss MyMy and I've never needed to try another brand again! I've been using Miss MyMy hair for over 10 years now -it's reliable and reusable and has my hair always looking great.