Full Lace Fijian Virgin Organic Cuticle Curly Wig

Full Lace Fijian Curly Wig - Miss MyMy

Miss MyMy full lace wigs are completely hand tied, perfect for chemo, alopecia and medical hair loss clients.  Measurements are required for a perfect fit. Each hair is folded and hand tied onto the wig, one hair at a time in a process called ventillation, which will create some short hairs.The length of the hair is an overall measurement taken from the root to the end of all visible hairs. Wig ventillation is a difficult trade not easily done.  Properly done it is very labour intensive requiring hours of work and looking very natural. If not done properly the knots will slip and the hair will fall out. Our units have a silk top for additional naturalness which requires additional expertise. 

This wig cap is worn:

  • Adhered with double sided tape and/or glue:
  • Made with 4x4 silk top 
  • Made with baby hairs
  • Requires measurements
  • Production time 4- 6 weeks
  • Available  lengths up to 26"( longer lengths available upon request)
  • Can be colored to whatever color you want because it is real hair
  • More sizes available upon request.