Virgin Organic Remi Cuticle Natural Grey Hair Extensions

Natural Grey Hair Extensions - Miss MyMy
Miss MyMy Virgin organic remi cuticle grey hair extensions are available in hand and machine tied weft. Hand tied weft is very fine, almost undetectable. Machine tied weft is thicker and sturdier. Our grey hair has not been processed other than being cleaned and sterilised. Some people use this hair if they want a very ash blonde.
  • Hand tied weft is sold in pre-cut lengths of 10" which should not be cut. The weft is very thin,  approximately 1/16" wide
  • Machine tied weft is sold in a continuous length which can be cut to your specifications. The weft is approximately 1/14" wide.
  • Both can be colored as needed
  • Both are sold in package weight of 3.5 ozs.
  • 2 packs are usually required for a full head.
  • Can use heat from blow drier or flat iron up to 450 degrees
  • Because it is a natural product the color and texture can vary from bundle to bundle.
  • Available in light, silver and salt and pepper
  • Can be used when blonde hair is needed.
  • Long lengths available